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REYMA is a company devoted to manage bullfighting events. This company is created from the union of two companies: Reverte and Matilla, Matilla and Reverte.

Our company combines the experience, the guarantee, the imagination and the spirit of two independent structures of wide solvency in the bullfighting sector.

Despite of the difficult moment in bullfighting, we believe in the union of two companies that are able to create illusion and appeal fans by the use of new ideas, new approaches, and new methods to engage bull-fighting fans and awaken interest in the youngest generations.

REYMA’s target is difficult to be reached. The objective is far away, but we are ready to make all the effort, hard work and love to achieve that goal.

Nowadays we manage the bullrings of Granada.


REYMA has been created with the purpose of defending bullfighting and with that work, revitalise the sector.

We are sure that if the company reaches our goal, it will be viable. That viability will allow REYMA to continue betting on bullfighting, the area on which the company believes and invests.

The certainty and love for bullfighting have turned into an entire commitment of our company. We believe in bullfighting’s values. Those current values around bullfighting must be explained and transmitted to our society.

We are mainly motivated by trying to fuel our society with our life’s philosophy, in the same way that we were previously taught with values like effort, perseverance, integrity and generosity.

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